by the way my math teacher ships Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt


i swear to god high school is really just like a 4 year long sigh.


mitch lucker would have made the best fucking harlem shake video… 

i now have an alternative blog

check it out, ok? 

thanks love <3

and i still will be posting here as well….

stefaniejasper asked:
hi, would you check out the animated psychedelic video on my blog that i made from one of my drawings and let me know what you think? thanks, Stefanie

couldnt find the post. sorry.

nice blog though.

like your artwork

janethesurvivor-deactivated2014 asked:
i love this blog so much!!

:3 thank you, however i dont have alot of time to update much.

whisky-a-go-go asked:
this is just perf.


uglycatlover-deactivated2014011 asked:
OMG i love your blog!